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Clever Nature Insect Repellant-Moisturizer is a carefully handcrafted blend of 100% natural ingredients. Precise measurements of herbs, essential oils and spices create a pleasing inoffensive aroma that humans like, but is despised by mosquitoes and other biting insects in just the way that nature intended. (Free from Deet and other synthetic chemicals found in common bug sprays)


Here is a straight to the point detailed summery of the attributes that Clever Nature's Insect Repellent - Moisturizer has to offer.


- Repels biting bugs and mosquitos.

- Free from DEET and other synthetic chemicals.

- A multipurpose product that also functions as a moisturizer.

- If already bitten before applying, helps to provide relief to previous bug bites.

- It smells awesome.

- For most people, a 2 or 4 ounce bottle supply of Clever Nature's Insect Repellent - Moisturizer will last twice as long as similar brands of the same size.

- Clever Nature Insect Repellent-Moisturizer is packaged in recyclable BPA free, UV protective tinted glass bottles that help maintain the potency and effectiveness of the active ingredients.


Ingredients: Vitamin E oil. Castor oil. Botanical extract blends containing Cedar extract, Citronella oil, Eucalyptus extract. Parsley. Soy bean oil. Geranium extract

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2 ounce Insect Repellent-Moisturizer. 100% Natural Ingredients.
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For topical use only

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